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Wolverine Boots began over 130 years ago, in Rockford, Michigan, G.A. Krause was so dedicated to building a company that would craft the finest footwear, he organized an Electric Light and Power company so that he and his sons could properly manage a modern, productive factory. In the first decade of the twentieth century, just as America was welcoming the invention of cars, and witnessing the first airplane flights, Krause was expertly constructing 300 pairs of the finest shoes per day in a manner few believed could be achieved at that time.

A few years later, Krause's company became the Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporation, as the nation entered the roaring 1920's, joining many of the great American industrial and business success stories - all while remaining in the working class heartland of Michigan. That same innovation, dedication to skill, and commitment to not cut corners is evident today still in each pair of Wolverine Work Boots and Shoes for men and women, not to mention the array of top-quality clothing and outerwear, including Flame-Resistant and Big and Tall options, built for the hard-charging person wanting to look and feel great at the same time when on the job.

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