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Men's & Women's Tony Lama U.S.A. Handcrafted Boots are proudly made in El Paso, Texas, U.S.A. These American crafted Tony Lama boots are a proud continuation of the heritage he himself began nearly a century ago. Up to 130 individual steps such as high quality, hand selected genuine leathers go into the making of American handcrafted Tony Lama cowboy boots. So it's no wonder that Tony Lama U.S.A. crafted collections, such as Tony Lama Americana boots and Tony Lama El Paso boots, have such highly recommended reputations among cowboys and cowgirls.


The son of Italian immigrants, Tony Lama, was born in 1887. By age 11, he had embarked on his training in the boot industry as an apprentice to a shoemaker in Syracuse, New York. There, he learned about leathers and the boot trade. Post turn of the century, he went to work for the U.S. Cavalry as a cobbler for the soldiers of Fort Bliss, Texas. Having learned first hand from the soldiers the great importance of a good fitting boot, he wanted to create the best fitting, most comfortable boot possible.

While Tony Lama and his small shop still devoted a good amount of time to boot repairs, word began to spread throughout the Southwest about Tony Lama's cowboy boots. Ranchers and cowboys came from far and wide – joining the cavalrymen already patronizing his business – bringing hides and asking for custom made Tony Lama boots. To keep up with demand, he fashioned inventive ways to produce more boots without sacrificing the important steps in handcrafting cowboy boots.

In 1961, almost 50 years from the time Tony Lama opened his first store, the Tony Lama Boot Company moved to larger headquarters and began making 750 pairs of cowboy boots a day! After Tony Lama died in 1974, his sons and daughters continued the Tony Lama heritage of quality handcraftsmanship, making the Tony Lama family's story a real American success story. In 1990, Tony Lama Boot Company joined the Justin Boot family. Together, Justin and Tony Lama set the standard for cowboy boot quality and craftsmanship. Shop, your Tony Lama store, for a great selection of Men's, Women's and Kids' Tony Lama Boots.