• Boulet Boots - How Boots are Made


In 1933, Boulet Boots became the staple of comfort and quality within the Cowboy Boots industry. Georges-Alidor Boulet estabished G.A. Boulet Inc. in the town of ST-Tite, QC, Canada. This small town was known for its quality of labor and was called the "The Leather Town" because of its production of quality leather products; and now, Boulet Leather Cowboy Boots were being added to their legacy.

As Canada entered into the war effort during the second World War, the Canadian government commissioned Boulet Boot company to craft all of the military foot ware for the Army.

Boulet, Inc, being the first company to produce Cowboy Boots in Canada, still uses 100% Goodyear Welt Construction. Boulet is still the largest boot factory in Canada maintaining the tradition of excellence in Cowboy Boots manufacturing. Boulet Cowboy Boots are still to this day known among Cowboys and Cowgirls for their comfort, durability and fit.

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