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In 1990, Ariat co-founders, Beth Cross and Pam Parker, developed a new company that looked at footwear for horseback riders in a new way. Ariat Boot Co. was built with a primary objective: to offer the most modern riding boots for the world's best equestrian athletes. The two creators behind the Ariat legend understood that traditional riding boots weren't actually ideal for horse riding. Riding boots had always been rigid and heavy.

As a part of the development process, Ariat spoke with many of the top riders, who also helped Ariat's footwear engineers and designers in the creation of Ariat boots. Ariat started by redesigning the boot outsole, rethinking the arch support system, and finally overhauling the thought process behind the shape and fit of the traditional riding boots of the past. Ariat has long been driven by design and innovation while still maintaining a keen focus on delivering the highest quality Men's and Women's Ariat Boots possible.

Today, Ariat Boot Co. is the leading performance footwear and apparel brand for equestrian athletes around the world. Ariat boots are known globally for being made with premium materials of the highest quality. From show jumping to team penning, Ariat boots are key elements to the success of so many world-class athletes. Currently, Ariat provides the highest-performing horse riding boots, work boots as well as Ariat jeans, jackets and other seriously stylish clothing. From slip-ons to sneakers, workhogs, cruiser shoes, cowboy boots and more, the Ariat boots and shoes collection are one of a kind.

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