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It's often said, rather accurately in the case of Under Armour, that necessity is "the mother of invention." In 1995, Kevin Plank, then a football player for the University of Maryland, found a necessity in which an answer wasn't readily available. After leaving practice every day with a t-shirt that was sweat-soaked and uncomfortable, Plank felt there was a better way for he and his friends to be comfortable while working their hardest in the most extreme conditions. Soon, Plank created a lightweight performance shirt and had his teammates try it out. With their feedback, he quickly developed a revolutionary new T-shirt built from microfibers that wicked moisture and kept athletes cool, dry, and light. Decades later, Under Armour is a global leader in gear for athletes, hunters, fisherman, and any man, woman or child seeking to be active outdoors. Under Armour has moved on from under shirts, too. The shoes, jackets, caps, shorts, socks, and the many other high-performance necessities UA offers are all dependable, strong, and innovative.

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