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Levi's® Jeans are an American staple. They have been an integral part of our culture since the late 1800's, and their fame quickly spread across the world to become one of the best known, most worn denim jeans. Levis Jeans has grown from working men's jeans into a cowboy's jeans, a fashion jean, a dress-up jean, a go-to casual jean and so much more. Every pair of Levis has a story; find your story with Sheplers!


Levis Jeans have forever been an essential wardrobe piece - from miners, cowboys, movie stars, and musicians, to our casual Fridays and date night jean ensembles. Levi's® empowers you to wear your jeans your way.

The Levi Strauss story began long ago, when Levi Strauss was born in 1829. He joined the family business at first, J. Strauss and Co., but in 1853, he moved west to profit from the California Gold Rush, establishing a west coast branch of his family's dry goods business, Levi Strauss and Co. He ran this successfully, but the Levi Strauss we know today was first conceived in 1872, when one of his customers named Jacob Davis approached Levi with a business venture.

Jacob Davis was a tailor from Reno, Nevada who made workwear for his community. A woman had approached him about making her husband a sturdier type of pant that wouldn't rip at the stress points. Davis came up with the idea of adding rivets to the points of strain on the denim pants he made. These pants were wildly successful. Jacob wanted to patent the idea, but needed a business partner for the venture. That's were Levi came in. Together, they filed a patent for riveted pants, and on May 20, 1873, the patent was granted. Levi's jeans had been born. Over the years, Levi Strauss and Co. have added to their offerings and products, but the blue jean has always been the primary focus. From the original Levis® 501 Jeans to their comfortable, sturdy jean jackets, Levi's uses quality denim to ensure the best for their customers.

Levi's offers men's jeans in a variety of different popular styles. Levi's® 501 Jeans and Levi's® 505 Jeans offer a classic, straight leg fit, while Levi's® 517 Jeans, & jeans are bootcut with a slim fit. Levi's women's jeans offer just as much variety, featuring bootcut jeans, straight leg jeans, plus size jeans and more. Whether you're looking for a low rise, a stretch, or just a simple bootcut jean, Levi's is your one stop shop for whatever jean you need.

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