• Key Workwear - Since 1908

KEY Industries Workwear

KEY committed itself to altering the value equation in work wear. To KEY, value does not equal just a low price. Instead, we believe value is what you get for your money. Nowhere will you find greater value than at KEY. This concept is in everything we do, from our products to our services.

As a clothing company, value begins with our products. For instance, at KEY, regardless of the label, all of our adult outerwear is premium 12 oz duck; we reserve 10 oz duck for kids. Where competitors opt for cheap tricot lining, KEY uses high quality fleece and Berber linings. Where competitors opt for zippers to the knee or hip, our zippers are always the maxium length comfort and utility allow. When we claim that a pocket is reinforced, we mean what you think it means: two plies of the same fabric. Other work wear companies slip by with cheesecloth.

KEY Industries History

In 1908, C.A. Lakin and Harry McKey created the Lakin-McKey Manufacturing Company to make premium bib overalls for local miners and railroad workers in Southeast Kansas. Over the next thirty years, Lakin-McKey gained a reputation for its quality work wear.

In 1938, the founding family of Oshkosh B Gosh bought Lakin-McKey and shortened its name to KEY. The family remains committed to the core values set forth by its founders over a century ago: to provide the best clothing possible at the best price possible.

You deserve quality work clothing and KEY aims to provide it.