Cripple Creek Leather is designed for the modern western wear customer. Cripple Creek presents stylish and versatile men and women's western leatherwear that boasts quality craftsmanship and premium leathers. Sheplers is proud to offer high-quality men's Cripple Creek leather jackets, men's Cripple Creek leather vests, men's Cripple Creek leather blazers, women's Cripple Creek leather vests, and women's Cripple Creek leather jackets.


In 1939, Sidran, Inc. established themselves through their line of Sidran Sportswear. The Sidran, Inc. product line continued to grow and become more defined by the late 1970's. Sidran, Inc. began manufacturing and wholesaling western dress slacks, sport coats, and suit separates for western lifestyle clothing retailers. Sidran, Inc. is the leading producer of these western wear styles.

Delving further into western wear fashion, Sidran, Inc. expanded their company by creating the Circle S label in 1978. Circle S is tailored men's western wear, including premium sport coats and slacks, designed with style and comfort in mind. The Circle S by Sidran line has seen steadily growth and today embodies a large portion of Sidran's business.

Excitingly in 1994, Sidran Inc. introduced the Cripple Creek label. The start of Cripple Creek western leathers began in the late 1980's, when Sidran started producing western-style arena jackets. By late 1994, the arena western jackets had developed at such a speedy pace that Sidran launched the Cripple Creek line of fine arena jackets, leather jackets, and leather vests.

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