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Chippewa Boots was founded in 1901, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The Chippewa name comes from the Indian tribe of the region. The Chippewa Boots mission from day one was to manufacture the finest boots and shoes in the United States. During Chippewa Boots early days, the company employed 175 people and produced 1,200 pairs of Chippewa boots daily. Chippewa Boots started out as a work boot company that produced a top-end logging boot for area camps in the pulp and paper industry. The iconic lumberjacks required sharp saws, honed axes, strong ropes, and sturdy Chippewa work boots.

Chippewa Logger Boots quickly gained recognition throughout the Midwest as the best quality work boots for the rugged outdoors. The reputation for quality boots provided the momentum for expansion into casual boots, work boots, motorcycle boots, and outdoor boots in areas across the United States.

Chippewa Boots is now in the position of being one of the last high quality work boot manufacturers with a recognized reputation for tough, durable, dependable, classic work boot and casual boot silhouettes. Chippewa Boots is for the boot enthusiast who appreciates and demands the highest quality and ultimate value in his outdoor lifestyle boots. Now, as it was then, the cornerstone and reputation of Chippewa Boots is plain and simple: "The Best. By Far."

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