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Thursday Aug 16, 2012

How to Make Your Boots Fit Better!

Do you feel that you have to hold your head a certain way to get on those new pair of boots? Or do you feel that the top of your foot is about to pop out of the arch of the boot? Or maybe you feel like your calves will never fit right into a pair of new boots? Or you always ask yourself if you are going to get blisters because your heels slip. Don’t worry these are all normal issues with a new pair or even older pair of boots that haven’t been stretched out. Well here are some stretching tips to help getting those new boots on a lot easier and even for old boot wearers. Try these at home tricks or bring them in for a professional to do at any Sheplers store.

Hard to get on? No problem..Grocery bag to the rescue!!!

When you get a new pair of boots the best trick to getting them on without having to kick and scream, is to get a plastic grocery bag from your pantry. Put the bag over your foot (with your sock on) and slip them down into the boot! Then just pull the bag out (with your foot still in the boot). You will not have to do this forever, just until the boots stretch out. You can also try to put baby power down into the boot and slip your foot in! Either works, I just prefer the plastic grocery bag instead. You will be amazed how easy your life will be now!!! ;)

Tight on your foot? No problem…Bick 4 & More!

New pair of boots is a good fit if they are tight on the top of your foot. On the flip side sometimes it feels like your foot is going to blow out the top of the boot because they are so tight. This is totally normal. With any leather product you have to give it time to stretch out. But to hurry this process up a little faster and for your comfort to come sooner, I suggest a few tricks. The first is to apply Bick 4 (leather conditioner) to the arch of the boot (a dime size) from here rub it in! I suggest Bick 4 because it protects from water and stains while also cleaning, conditioning, and polishing your boots (really it does it all). Bick 4 also will not change the color of the leather and you can rub it all over the boot including the stitching and it will be fine. Now, I will let it dry for 30 minutes to an hour, put them on your feet and walk around the house for as long as you can. Then take them off and reapply the Bick 4, do this process as many times as you wish. Another option is to apply the Bick 4 and grab a can good from the pantry and place it down into the boot (adjusting to the size of the boot and turning to get it to lie down).  Leave it for 24 hours if possible. You should be pain free after using these simple tricks.

Calves busting through the shaft? No problem... Stick some Bick!

The calves take the longest to stretch out (to be honest). The best trick is to apply Bick 4 to the top of the boot around the opening and put them on. Do some squats up and down (hey even getting a work out in too, hehe) to loosen up that leather and the treads. You do not want to pull on the boots with your hands because this could cause the leather to split over time (not good). The best and most effective trick is to keep repeating the process of applying the leather conditioner and putting your boots on. And of course wearing them often will help allow them to stretch properly.

Your heels are slipping… No Problem, It’s normal!

It is completely normal and correct if your heels slip when you walk in your boots. A good amount of slip is about a half of an inch (1/2 inch). No more than an inch, this is when you get blisters. You will also develop blisters when there is no slip. I strongly recommend wearing boot socks because it adds cushion to those areas that are rubbing. My personal favorite is the Justin socks.

Try these few ticks to get those boots fitting like a glove. Boots are one of the most comfortable shoes if you get them stretched out and form them to your feet. If you have a really hard time getting them off I suggest using the Boot Jack (saves my life). So with that said, follow these at home tricks and see what ya’ll think!

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no one ever seems to answer the question about finding boots for narrow calfs. It would be very helpful if site would include shaft diameter in descriptions. Only Ariat seems to regularly provide this.
even if the site included a way to search for women's boots with narrow shaft.

Posted by nancy berg on April 14, 2013 at 06:29 PM EDT #

Thanks for the suggestion on using the plastic bag to help boots slide on easier IT WORKS GREAT!!!

Posted by Ed Brett on September 21, 2014 at 01:30 PM EDT #

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