Veredus Carbon Gel Grand Slam Open Rear Boots

Veredus Carbon Gel Grand Slam Open Rear Boots
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41 - Brown

    • Bone protector guarantees double ventilation
    • Releases heat through their exclusive double ventilation system
    • Cool air is drawn in through the bottom vents and heat is released through the top vents
    • Air circulation within the boot is aided with Aerox micro perforated neoprene and 3D Mesh Ducted fabric
    • Fitting and performing open-front boot for jumpers, anatomic design main shell composed of semi-rigid polyurethane with the rear "x" strike plate of carbon fiber to provide extreme durability and protection after repeated strikes
    • Gel lining in strike plate for ultimate in shock protection
    • Elastic straps and fast release ferrules with narrowing hook holes to allow fast and easy hooking and release, without compromising security
    • Made in Italy
    • Vendor Style: 470163BRNGLD

    Veredus is passionately committed to a complete and innovative line of sport horse leg protection and care. Advanced technology, leading-edge raw materials, accuracy, and attention-to-detail are the elements that make Veredus unique. The Veredus Boot Collection ensures that your horse's legs are protected in the latest, most technically advanced anatomically designed boots available on the market. No matter your preferred discipline - Jumpers, Eventing, or Dressage - Veredus has a horse boot designed for your horse.