Sabona Women's Silver Bows Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Women's Silver Bows Magnetic Bracelet
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Item Number: 2819L4

FY - Steel

    • Sabona bracelets are the perfect healing accessory for fashionable, modern women.
    • Stainless steel bracelet features bow-shaped links
    • Samarium Cobalt magnets are found inside links, theorized to provide positive health
    • Sizing should be small, S(6.5"), M(7"), L(7.5")
    • Imported
    • Vendor style: 300

    Feel the power of magnetic healing with a stylish Sabona bracelet. This bracelet features stainless steel bow-shaped links that also contain a 1200 Gauss magnet, theorized to promote circulation and good health. Sizing is approximate to how loose or snug you wish this bracelet to be: S(6.5"), M(7"), L(7.5"). Sabona bracelets are designed to be snug, but not too tight. If you are in-between suggested sizes, the bracelet works better smaller rather than larger.