Sabona Women's Executive Dress Gold Duet Bracelet

Sabona Women's Executive Dress Gold Duet Bracelet
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Item Number: 2819L7

SA - Two Tone

    • Sabona bracelets are the perfect healing accessory for fashionable, modern women.
    • Sleek stainless steel bracelet
    • Samarium Cobalt magnets are found inside links, theorized to provide positive health
    • Beautiful 18K gold plating accents
    • Sizing should be small, S(6.5"), M(7"), L(7.5"),XL(8.0")
    • Imported
    • Vendor style: 219

    This bracelet by Sabona is the perfect stylish and chic accent for the modern woman! Theorized to influence the circulation of blood, magnets have been used in many different cultures to promote good health. Now, Sabona brings you a charming blend of magnet therapy and stylish design. This stainless steel bracelet features Samarium Cobalt rust resistant magnets inside the links, while sleek  a little something extra. Sizing is approximate to how loose or snug you wish this bracelet to be: S(6.5"), M(7"), L(7.5"), XL(8.0"). Sabona bracelets are designed to be snug, but not too tight. If you are in-between suggested sizes, the bracelet works better smaller rather than larger.