Justin Jel Insoles

Justin Jel Insoles
No longer available to purchase
  • Walk in comfort wearing our Justin Jel insoles!
  • Multi-density polyurethane footbed
  • Low-density foam cushions & provides energy return
  • Encapsulated air cells virtually eliminate compression set, so insoles stay effective!
  • Men's sizing: S(6), M(7-9), L(10-11), XL(12-14)
  • Women's sizing: S(6-8), M(9-11), L(12)

Are you ready to make your boots feel like new? Our Justin Jel insoles will do just that, and then some, all in gel comfort. Justin Jel insoles feature strategically placed polyurethane gel pads in the heel arch and ball area for supreme walking ease. Shock absorbing insoles reduce skeletal impact stress and muscle fatigue.